Elasticum, Currently The Most Dreamed Of Lifting Solution in Korea

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Elasticum, Currently The Most Dreamed Of Lifting Solution in Korea

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It is inevitable that people are bound to live against gravity for their entire lifetime, which explains the current phenomenon of numerous lifting procedures and surgeries tried and developed thus far in the modern era. "Asian people tend to have thicker and heavier skin than Caucasian, which diminishes the effect of the same lifting procedures and surgeries" adds Julie Kim, who is the Director of Light Plastic Surgery Clinic. 



Julie Jiyoun Kim, Director of Light Plastic Surgery Clinic



Total face lift surgery which includes skin excision and plication of SMAS layer is very good in its effectiveness, but it requires a long recovery time for natural and subsidence of swelling. Average office workers usually cannot set aside their time for it in many cases. The alternatives for the surgery are laser treatments and thread liftings, which also has limitations.  The laser treatments requires nearly no downtime for recovery but are less effective for Asian people of thicker skin. Therefore, the laser therapy requires multiple sessions only to get minimum effect. Thread lifts using resorbable suture materials also lose effects after a short period of time due to the thick and heavy skins.  On the other hand, alternatives such as PAN lift and Reborn lift had emerged and disappeared, which includes unabsorbable materials into the thread. The unabsorbable parts did act for the lasting and enhancing the effectiveness but it had also been problematic due to the difficulty of removal in the case of infection. Those threads are also inelastic and invariable in length, so the fixation points reduce facial animation creating awkward and unnatural facial expression.  Considering these pro and cons, the ideal materials for thread lift should last semi-permanently to fight against the gravity; and moreover, it should be easy to remove when there are problems. Reflecting all of these market requirements, ElastiCum is the new thread materials that has added the advantage of being natural because of its high elasticity makes facial expression look more natural.

Why is ElastiCum Effective

The ElastiCum Lifting is especially effective for the neck lines as it can create deep angle of jaw-neck line with only minimal incision like 5mm long for turkey neck deformity or retruded chin lines. The short incision line makes recovery time unnecessary, and it also makes it possible to return to work immediately after the procedure. The ElastiCum is also easy to remove even in the case of infection, and it can also be added if patients want to keep it for a longer period of time.  ElastiCum, so-called the dream material by industry experts, can show highly varying degrees of effectiveness according to the experience and the technique of doctors; therefore, it is important and highly recommended that patients find the right doctor with the right experience.



About Light Plastic Surgery Clinic

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Light Plastic Surgery Clinic was founded by Dr. Julie Jiyoun Kim, who is well-known as the first female board-certified female plastic surgeon from the Seoul National University Hospital(SNUH), the best medical institution in Korea. She has experienced various cosmetic and reconstructive cases for 5 years at SNUH and has close to 10 years of hands-on experience from a local clinic in Seoul. She adds up the delicacy of female doctor and aims to provide tailored design to enhance individual characteristic yet balancing proportions. The clinic is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including 3D Computer tomographic system for precise preoperative diagnostics and a hyperbaric oxygen chamber system for quick recovery after surgery. The neck line that encompasses gravity is now possible without the need to change pillows or create noticeable scar marks, at Light Plastic Surgery with Dr. Julie Jiyoun Kim.

For consultations:

[Director/Dr] Julie Jiyoun Kim

[Email] light_ps@naver.com

[Tel] +82-2-543-0300

[Website] http://lightps.co.kr

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Company Name: Light Plastic Surgery Clinic
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Country: Korea
Website: http://lightps.co.kr

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/4225200#ixzz5nEYd8dja


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