Visiting Korea for Sightseeing? Here’s how tourists are enjoying extra benefits during their stay in Seoul, the mecca for Aesthetics!

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Visiting Korea for Sightseeing? Here’s how tourists are enjoying extra benefits during their stay in Seoul, the mecca for Aesthetics!

April 04

In the midst of K-Pop, K-Beauty and K-Drama syndrome across the globe, Seoul, especially Gangnam area has become one of the most popular places to visit for tourists visiting Korea. A recent article from New York Times reports that Korea drew over 50,000 surgery tourists last year and ranked at third place by international tourists as their favorite country for medical tourism. It is very common to run into tourists from neighbor countries such as Japan and China who are visiting Korea mainly to experience the high-quality aesthetic procedures and surgeries. Nowadays, increasing number of tourists are surging into Korea from far away countries such as Middle East, Russia and America to experience Korea’s aesthetic services. Among these tourists, many of them visit Korea mainly for the purpose of plastic surgery and straightly come to clinics via prior reservation and consultations through local agencies. This is very common if patients are planning on having complex surgeries involving bone or skin excisional surgeries. However, Dr. Jiyoun Kim, Director of Light Plastic Surgery Clinic, suggests that it is perfectly fine to enjoy the exotic atmosphere and the food of Seoul and still experience K-Beauty as a part of tourism.






Jiyoun Kim, Director at Light Plastic Surgery Clinic

According to Dr. Kim who has provided customized aesthetic care for numerous tourists from all over the world, tourists are now able to experience K-Beauty without any reservation or consultation prior to planning their trip.Furthermore, Dr. Kim suggests that Rejuran Healyer Therapy, a so-called ‘salmon injection’ or ‘watershining therapy’, is one of the relatively simple procedures of K-Beauty that many tourists can experience while their visit in Korea. Rejuran Healer uses derivatives of salmon DNA for interdermal injection to enhance regeneration and synthesis of collagen. It leaves multiple needle marks on the face for about one day but requires no restriction on the next day. Watershining therapy uses small molecule hyaluronic acid for the intradermal injection to the face to attract water molecules. It makes the face glow without any recovery time after the procedure. For patients who are ready to experience next-level K-Beauty, simple eye surgeries such transconjunctival eyebag removal and relocation, or subbrow eyelift are popular. Dr. Kim recalls that thread lift procedure for younger-looking face is popular choices by tourists. Both of the surgeries require less than a day for recovery with small tapings on the face. Patients can wear makeup with little swelling and bruising, which means they can go out and have fun starting from the next day. Transconjunctival eyebag removal and relocation, and thread lifts requires no incision at all; therefore, patients can finish your trip with these procedures and return to their home town. Petit procedures such as eye surgeries or thread lifting in Korea can be experienced without much concern or commitment since it is a widely practiced procedure with advanced and proven technology. Not only that, its price is very competitive compared to other countries in the world.

About Light Plastic Surgery Clinic





Light Plastic Surgery Clinic is located in the heart of Seoul, ApgujeongDong, which is only three minutes away by walk from the Apgujeong Station. ApgujeongDong is home to many brand-new Hotels, well-known luxury department stores and trendy shops on streets. The clinic has full-time English-speaking staffs at any given time, and it is equipped with aesthetics center for drop-by skin care treatments. Dr. Julie Jiyoun Kim has 10 year of experience in the field, and she is proudly the first female board-certified specialist plastic surgeon graduated from Seoul National University hospital, which is the number one ranked hospital in Korea. Furthermore, Dr. Julie Jiyoun Kim has plenty of experience with international patients from various countries, and she can provide procedures that are fully customized for any international patients in order to meet the desired beauty standards of different countries.


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